In addition to producing, we are constantly developing new work. Fostering and nurturing the Asian Canadian voice is essential to our practice and our mission. These are some works we currently have in development. 


three years eight months | by donald woo

A trilogy of plays concerning Canadian soldiers over the course of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during World War II. From a field hospital to a POW camp to a Japanese soldier's barracks, Woo's triptych of plays takes hard looks at history, always maintaining a deep humanity.


the nails | by jason maghanoy

Ally and Josh spend every summer with their father as he goes from small town to small town working for a construction company in America. But this summer is different. This summer they grow up. This is the summer that everything changes.


burning mom | by mieko ouchi

a workshop west & royal manitoba theatre centre development project in partnership with fu-gen theatre

A retired suburban Calgary housewife and mother tragically loses her partner after 45 years together. So what does she do? The only thing that makes any sense at all.

She goes to Burning Man.