how to use the new fu-gen studio lockbox

Once you’ve completed booking your time, watch for a separate email with the subject heading: Invitation to access fu-GEN Theatre Studio Lockbox (A278HW). It leads to a sign up page on

sign in page.jpg

You will need to register for a Master Lock Vault account. This registration is free, and you have the option to opt-out of their marketing emails. Just click on the red REGISTER FOR FREE button.

enrollment page-new.jpg

You must use the email that received the invitation to set up an account. Check the terms & conditions and slide the human verification slider to prove that you’re not a participating member of the robot uprising. Then hit Continue.


Choose a username and password that you’ll remember, this will be your login for all future rentals. Fill out all the required information, and pay special attention to Time Zone. For some reason, the default is set to America/Chicago.

You must change the time zone to America/Toronto or your rental will not begin at the correct time.


You can opt-in or out of their marketing emails. We can confirm that, if you opt-out, the only emails you will receive are updates about your access status.

enrollment page 4 - security image and question.jpg

Complete two-step verification process of selecting an image and corresponding security phrase. You will see these together on future logins to ensure you’re trying to access the right account.

Inkedmy product page_LI.jpg

Congratulations, you’re all set up. To visit the main lock page which outlines your access details, click the green VIEW/EDIT button

lockbox main page.jpg

Our new lockbox is unique in that it uses a mobile app that makes locking and unlocking incredibly simple. Use the buttons in the yellow square to take you either to Google Play if you’re a super cool Android user, or the App Store if you’re a bougie iPhone user. Download the Master Lock Vault eLock App and install.

It’s totally free.


using the master lock vault e-lock app

When you open the app the first time, it looks like this. Select SIGN IN and use the username and password you just created on the website.

Screenshot_20190215-162430_Master Lock.jpg
Screenshot_20190215-162524_Master Lock.jpg

You will have to grant permission for location services to use the lock app. This isn’t something fu-GEN requires, it’s just something you need to do for the app to work. You can skip the lock calibration since you need to be next to the lock to do it, and — to be honest — it’s completely useless.

Screenshot_20190215-162544_Master Lock.jpg
Screenshot_20190220-034456_Master Lock1.jpg

The screen should now show all the locks in your Master Lock account… which, likely, is just ours.

when you get to the space

lock screen - locked.jpg

The new lock box is in the same place as the old one was, by the gas meter on the East side of the building, in Central Hospital Lane. When you reach the lock box, open the app, and tap on the lock icon to get the red main screen that says HELLO.

Once that screen is active, press any button on the lock. The keypad will turn blue for a moment. After a second or two, you can audibly hear the box unlock.

keypad - locked.jpg
keypad - unlocked.jpg

The centre light will turn green when the box is unlocked, but you often hear it click before that. Pull the box open using the tabs on the sides of the keypad. Retrieve the keys. Close the box again. The light will turn blue again once the box is locked, and your phone screen should indicate that the box is secure. At the end of your rental, repeat this process to return the keys. Please, and this is important, please remember to return the keys and ensure the lock box is closed before you leave the premises. We are a community that relies on each other’s responsibility and courtesy when it comes to keeping a shared space safe and secure.

If, while you’re at the space, you have trouble unlocking the box with your app, email and wait for the auto-reply with further instructions. If problems persist, text or call Wayne at 416.254.2364